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Dealer Services
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Retail accounts and services. Give your customers the options they want while you save money for your business.

Accounts and services choices

Finance and Insurance products.

Coverage you can count on and profits that will add to your bottom line. Bank of America Merrill Lynch's vehicle service coverage programs offer identical coverage for both new and used vehicles and focus on ways to help increase profits.

From basic to comprehensive coverage, Bank of America Merrill Lynch offers a valuable program to protect your customer's investment and improve your customer relations.

Profit opportunities

  • Incremental revenue: Our program offers highly competitive rates and incremental income per contract.

  • Available on most contracts: Products are portable to most lenders contracts.

  • Extra rewards for signing up: We offer a "Fast Start Program" that allows you to earn extra money in the first 90 days of the program.

  • Upfront profit opportunity: You can take advantage of the "No Charge back" policy option that allows you to fully earn all money upfront.

  • Higher service profits: We pay retail labor rates instead of factory standard allowing for greater service profits.

  • Get your money faster: Claims on service contracts are paid as quickly as 2 hours after being submitted.

Customer satisfaction

  • Added peace of mind: Peace of mind for you and your customers knowing the product is owned and backed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Service referrals: We refer customers to your service department and incent them to come back to your dealership with the opportunity to have the consumer deductible waived should they go to the point of sale dealer (Limitations Apply).

  • Highest quality parts: In most cases, repairs cover OEM replacement parts.

Learn more about finance and insurance products

  • Contact us.
  • Call 1.800.248.6707 to learn more about retail products